Christ restores His creation by Amphilochius of Iconium

“The Lord took the same form as his servants, so that the servants might become conformed to God again. O Bethlehem, city sanctified and made the common inheritance of men! O crib, O crib, you Share in the glory of the cherubim and share the same honor as the Seraphim! For he who from all eternity is divinely raised above those thrones now reposes bodily in you [Virgin Mary].”

Amphilochius of Iconium, On Christmas 4; PG 39, 40 D-41 B.

If you are interested in more quotes on Virgin Mary, you can find them in Mary and the Fathers of the Church on Amazon in both in Kindle and paperback formats.


Gambero, L., 1999. Mary and the Fathers of the Church 1st ed. Translated by Buffer, T., San Francisco: Ignatius Press. p. 168.

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