An Invisible Creator appears by Augustine of Hippo

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“It was not the visible sun that made this day holy for us, but the sun’s invisible Creator, when the Virgin Mother brought to light, out of her fruitful womb and virginal body, the Creator made visible for us, the same invisible God who had also created the Virgin. Virgin in conceiving, virgin in giving birth, virgin with child, virgin mother, virgin forever. Why do you marvel at this, O man? God had to be born in this way, when he deigned to become man. Thus did he make her, who was made by her”

Augustine of Hippo, Sermo 186, 1; PL 38, 999; NBA 32/I, 12.

In a Christmas homily, St. Augustine explained that the invisible Creator was made visible to us through a visible person. God is with us, Immanuel. He chose to take a body out of a virgin body.

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