Mary’s simple faith by Ambrose of Milan

"She does not appear to have doubted the event but asked how it would take place. Clearly, if she asked how it would happen, she must have believed in its fulfillment. Thus she merited to hear the words, "Blessed are you, because you have believed" (Lk 1:45). Yes, truly blessed for having surpassed the priest... Continue Reading →

Son of God taking flesh by Hippolytus of Rome

"Being outside of the flesh, the Word of God took upon himself the holy flesh from the holy Virgin: like a bridegroom, He prepared for Himself that garment which He would weave together with His suffering on the Cross... In this way, he intended to obtain salvation for man, who was perishing"  Hippolytus, Christ and Antichrist 4;... Continue Reading →

Recapitulation in Christ by Irenaeus of Lyon

"When [The Son of God] took flesh and became man, He recapitulated in Himself the long history of men, procuring for us the reward of salvation so that in Christ Jesus we might recover what we had lost in Adam,  namely, the image and likeness of God. For since it was not possible for man, once wounded and broken... Continue Reading →

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