What does “To know” & “Until” mean? by Jerome

"On this point especially, my adversary works up a sweat, laboring to no purpose, striving to make the term "to know" (cognoscere) refer to sexual relations rather than to knowledge, as if anyone had ever denied this fact and as if any intelligent person could ever have imagined any assertions as stupid as those he... Continue Reading →

What does it mean “came together”? by Jerome

One of the old disputes in Christianity is what did the evangelist Matthew mean by the following verse: Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1: 18 St. Jerome provides the follwoing explanation... Continue Reading →

Brave like Virgin Mary by Ambrose of Milan

"His mother stood before the Cross, and, while the men fled, she remained undaunted. Consider whether the Mother of Jesus, who did not lose her courage, could ever lose her virginal purity. With eyes full of pity, she looked upon her Son's wounds, by which, as she knew, would come the redemption of the world.... Continue Reading →

Why imitate Virgin Mary? by Ambrose of Milan

"This is the model of virginity; in truth, such was Mary, whose life alone is sufficient to instruct everyone. So, if we find the author pleasing, let us approve the author's work, so that whoever desires her same prize may imitate her example. How many different virtues shine out in a single Virgin! Modest hiddenness,... Continue Reading →

Modesty goes with .. by Ambrose of Milan

“ What to say about the fact that, when she goes up to Jerusalem for the yearly solemnity of Passover, She is always accompanied by Joseph? In the virgin, every virtue must alvays be accompanied by modesty. Modesty and virginity must be inseparable, becae by hout modesty there is no virginity. Therefore, even when going... Continue Reading →

Virgin Mary desire to know God by Ambrose of Milan

“ Mary, who had been troubled by the sight of the angel, now remains calm before the succession of such miracles as the pregnancy of the barren woman, motherhood in a virgin, speech from a mute, the adoration of the Magi, the expectation of Simeon, and the witness of the stars. And, the Gospel says,"She... Continue Reading →

Virgin Mary visits her cousin by Ambrose of Milan

"The divine Scripture tells us how loving she [Virgin Mary] was with her family.When she knew that God had chosen her, her humility became evengreater, and she hurried into the hills, to see her cousin Elizabeth; not, however, to assure herself of the facts, since she had already believed the announcement: "Blessed are you" -Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

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