Christ with no father by St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"No one can describe His body generation. No one can point to a father who begot Him in the flesh, because His body did not come from a man, but from the Virgin alone."  Athanasius,¬†On the Incarnation of the Word 37; PG 25, 160; ed.¬†Thomson (Oxford Claredon Press, 1971). Jesus Christ's generation and birth are... Continue Reading →

Mary Ever-Virgin Mother of God by St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"For, if she had had other children, the saviour would not have ignored them and entrusted His Mother to someone else; nor would she have become someone else's mother. She would not have [abandoned her own] to live with others, knowing well that it ill becomes [a woman] to abandon her husband or her children.... Continue Reading →

Mary Greets Elizabeth by St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"[Mary] greets Elizabeth: the Mother of the Master greets [the mother] of the servant; the Mother of the King greets the mother of the soldier; the Mother of God greets the mother of the man; the Virgin greets the married woman, She greets Elizabeth with an outward greeting, and when the two greet each other... Continue Reading →

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