The two eyes of the world by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"Behold the world! To it were given two eyes;Eve was the left eye, the blind eye; the right eye, the luminous eye, is Mary. Because of the eye that grew dark, the whole world became dark.Then men, groping in the shadows,will consider every stone on which they stumble to be a god.They have called lies... Continue Reading →

The second mother blessed by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"Just as their very bodies have sinned and died, and as the earth, their mother is cursed (cf. Gen 3:17-19), so because of this body which is the incorruptible church, his earth is blessed from the beginning. This earth is Mary's body, the temple in which a seed has been deposited. Observe the angel who... Continue Reading →

Mary an advocate for Eve by Irenaeus of Lyon

"Eve was seduced by the word of the [fallen] angel and transgressed God's word so that she fled from Him. In the same way, [Mary] was evangelised by the word of an angel and obeyed God's word, so that she carried Him [within her]. And while the former was seduced into disobeying God, the latter was persuaded to obey... Continue Reading →

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