Did Mary make a vow for virginity? by Gregory of Nyssa

“ What is Mary's response? Listen to the voice of the pure Virgin. The angel brings the glad tidings of childbearing, but she is concerned with virginity and holds that her integrity should come before the angelic message. She does not refuse to believe the angel; neither does she move away from her convictions. She... Continue Reading →

Will you do as Zechariah? by Gregory of Nyssa

“Everything Zechariah said was a foretelling of the future. Led by the prophetic spirit to the knowledge of hidden mysteries, and aware of the mystery of virginity that surrounds the incorrupt birth, he does not remove the Virgin Mother from the place in the Temple that the law reserves to virgins. He explains to the... Continue Reading →

Christ purifies our nature and Mary is Godbearer by Gregory of Nyssa

“If then we preach in a loud voice and testify that Christ is the power and wisdom of God (cf. I Cor 1:24), always immutable, always incorruptible, and that, although dwelling in a mutable and corruptible body, he himself is not thereby polluted but even purifies what was polluted, what is our crime, and why... Continue Reading →

Son of Most High by Gregory of Nyssa

“Along with all those who profess the orthodox faith, I too declare my belief that the same [Jesus] is God and man, but not in the manner in which Apollinaris thinks. For the divinity does not become earthly, nor does the humanity become something heavenly, as he maintains; rather, the power of the Most High,... Continue Reading →

St. Mary appears to Gregory The Wonderworker by St. Gregory of Nyssa

"When [Gregory] was passing a sleepless night because of these worries, someone appeared to him in human form, aged in appearance, clothed in garments denoting a sacred dignity, with a face characterized by a sense of grace and virtues. Gregory, looking frightened, rose from his bed and asked him who he was and why he... Continue Reading →

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