Keeping your modesty like Justina by Gregory the Theologian

This a lengthy commentary on the story of Cyprian and Justina. The original story is about how holding on to one's purity attracts people to Christ. If you want to know the full account, click on one, or both, of the following links; I included one from the Orthodox Church and another from the Catholic... Continue Reading →

Childbearing honoured by Gregory the Theologian

“He was conceived by the Virgin, who had first been purified by the Spirit in soul and body; for, as it was fitting that childbearing should receive its share of honor, so it was necessary that virginity should receive even greater honor.” Gregory Nazianzen, Sermon 38, 13; PG 36, 325 B. If you are interested... Continue Reading →

St. Mary appears to Gregory The Wonderworker by St. Gregory of Nyssa

"When [Gregory] was passing a sleepless night because of these worries, someone appeared to him in human form, aged in appearance, clothed in garments denoting a sacred dignity, with a face characterized by a sense of grace and virtues. Gregory, looking frightened, rose from his bed and asked him who he was and why he... Continue Reading →

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