Faith in Christ’s birth by Hilary of Poitiers

Gabriel pronounces; Christ is received into the Virgin's body.The womb swells because of the holy Offspring.We are exhorted to believe in something new,and never seen before:A childbearing Virgin. Hilary of Poitiers , Hymn on Christ II-13, CSEL 65, 218 Jesus was born to help our weaknesses. His miraculous birth says alot about His divinity and... Continue Reading →

He who contains all things by Hilary of Poitiers

"And we, with what worthy gift [birth of Christ the incarnated Word of God] shall we respond to a love so full of benevolence? Behold the one, only begotten God, whose origin from God is absolutely inexpressible, planted like a seed in the womb of the holy Virgin, developing little by little, taking on the... Continue Reading →

Who can stand God’s Judgement? by Hilary of Poitiers

St Hilary thought that Our Lady might have minor imperfections. He followed the tradition of Eastern Fathers. Looking at this verse from psalms: "My soul is consumed with desire for your judgments" (Ps 119:20) He comments: “A sword will pierce the soul of blessed Mary, so that the thoughts of many hearts might be laid... Continue Reading →

Who are Jesus’s relatives? by Hilary of Poitiers

“Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? . Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is brother, and sister, and mother to me.” (Matthew 12:48-50). St. Hilary offers another perspective on why did Jesus said “who is my mother” In this way he presents himself as the model for all, both... Continue Reading →

How St. Joseph “Know” Mary by Hilary of Poitiers

St. Matthew in his gospel says about Joseph: “and did not know her till she had brought forth her firstborn Son. And he called His name JESUS.” (Matthew 1:25). St. Hilary comments: “So that no ambiguity should arise about his birth, Joseph himself was chosen as a witness to the fact that Christ was conceived... Continue Reading →

Did Matthew make an error? by Hilary of Poitiers

In the Gopsel of St. Matthew there is an alleged error in counting fourteen generations from the Babylonian captivity to Mary. The gospel says: “ So all the generations from Abraham to David were fourteen genera-tions, and from David to the Babylonian captivity fourteen generations, and from the Babylonian captivity to Christ fourteen generations.” (Matthew... Continue Reading →

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