Marriage is holy by Basil of Caesarea

“A virgin, who was then given in marriage to a man, was found worthy for the service of [the Incarnation], so that virginity might be honored and marriage not be despised. For virginity was chosen as being apt to sanctification, but with the betrothal, the precepts of marriage were also included.” Basil of Caesarea ,... Continue Reading →

Marriage destroys the Devil’s plan by Basil of Caesarea

“An ancient author offered another reason. The marriage with Joseph was planned so that Mary's virginity might remain hidden from the prince of this world. For the external forms of marriage were adopted by the Virgin, almost as if to distract the Evil One, who has always preyed on virgins, ever since he heard the... Continue Reading →

Son of God taking flesh by Hippolytus of Rome

"Being outside of the flesh, the Word of God took upon himself the holy flesh from the holy Virgin: like a bridegroom, He prepared for Himself that garment which He would weave together with His suffering on the Cross... In this way, he intended to obtain salvation for man, who was perishing"  Hippolytus, Christ and Antichrist 4;... Continue Reading →

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