The Exceptional Virgin by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"The womb and Sheol shouted with joy and cried outabout Your resurrection. The womb that was sealedconceived You; Sheol that was secured,brought You forth. Against nature,the womb conceived, and Sheol yielded.Sealed was the grave which they entrusted with keeping the dead man. Virginal was the womb that no man knew. The virginal womband the sealed... Continue Reading →

The second mother blessed by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"Just as their very bodies have sinned and died, and as the earth, their mother is cursed (cf. Gen 3:17-19), so because of this body which is the incorruptible church, his earth is blessed from the beginning. This earth is Mary's body, the temple in which a seed has been deposited. Observe the angel who... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of the Mother of God by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"His death on the Cross attests to his birth from the woman. For anyone who dies must have been born as well... Therefore, the human conception of Jesus is demonstrated by his death on the Cross. If anyone denies his birth, the Cross proves him wrong." Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns on Nativity 4, 177; CSCO... Continue Reading →

In Love with the Beauty of the Virgin by St. Ephrem the Syrian

"Only you [Jesus] and your Motherare more beautiful than everything. For on you, O Lord, there is no mark;neither is there any stain in your Mother." Ephrem the Syrian, Carmina Nisibena 27, 8; CSCO 219, 76. "The eye becomes pure when it is united with the Light of the sun,and receives strength from its vigourand... Continue Reading →

Mary Ever-Virgin Mother of God by St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"For, if she had had other children, the saviour would not have ignored them and entrusted His Mother to someone else; nor would she have become someone else's mother. She would not have [abandoned her own] to live with others, knowing well that it ill becomes [a woman] to abandon her husband or her children.... Continue Reading →

Mary Greets Elizabeth by St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"[Mary] greets Elizabeth: the Mother of the Master greets [the mother] of the servant; the Mother of the King greets the mother of the soldier; the Mother of God greets the mother of the man; the Virgin greets the married woman, She greets Elizabeth with an outward greeting, and when the two greet each other... Continue Reading →

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