Mary’s Holiness by Origen

"What ought we to think? That while the apostles were scandalized, the Mother of the Lord was immune from scandal? If she had not experienced scandal during the Lord's passion, Jesus did not die for her sins. But if "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" and of all "are justified and saved by his grace"... Continue Reading →

Why Mary is Ever-Virgin? by Origen

"There is no child of Mary except Jesus, according to the opinion of those who think correctly about her."  Origen, Commentary on the Letter of the Romans 3, 10; PG 14, 956-57 "Those who speak thus means to safeguard Mary's dignity in the virginity she conserved until the end, so that that body chosen to the Word,... Continue Reading →

Mary, humble and lowly by Origen

"I do not consider it worth the trouble to contest accusations offered without seriousness and as a joke [by Celsus]: "Was the Mother of Jesus pretty, perhaps, and was it because of her beauty that God, who by His nature cannot fall in love with an incorruptible body, embraced her? Wasn't it less than fitting that God should fall in love with a woman... Continue Reading →

How does Christ live in us? by Origen

"Thus we should be bold and say that while the Gospels are the firstfruits of Scripture as a whole, the firstfruits of the Gospels is the Gospel of John, whose profound meaning cannot be perceived except by him who rested his head on Jesus' breast and who received Mary to be his mother also.  He who wishes to be another John must become... Continue Reading →

My Soul Magnifies The Lord by Origen

Origen offers a very interesting application to the Virgin Mary's praise: "My Soul Magnifies the Lord" (Lk 1 :46) and it is sang in west and eastern churches as The Magnificat or Ode of the Theotokos . "Two facilities, the soul and the spirit, express twofold praise. The soul celebrates the Lord while the spirit praises God; not that praising the Lord is... Continue Reading →

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