Mary, humble and lowly by Origen

"I do not consider it worth the trouble to contest accusations offered without seriousness and as a joke [by Celsus]: "Was the Mother of Jesus pretty, perhaps, and was it because of her beauty that God, who by His nature cannot fall in love with an incorruptible body, embraced her? Wasn't it less than fitting that God should fall in love with a woman... Continue Reading →

Mary was virgin giving birth-in Apocryphal writings of Protoevangelium of James

"(19:1) And behold, a woman came down from the hill-country and said to me, "Man, where are you going?" And I said, "I seek a Hebrew midwife." and she answered me, "Are you from Isreal?" And I said to her, "Yes." And she said, "And who is she who brings forth in the cave?" And... Continue Reading →

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