Christ emptied Himself by Proclus of Constantinople

When the holy Virgin offered her womb, the Word rushed in through her sense of hearing; the Holy Spirit built a living temple; the Most High emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, and, finally, the Virgin's womb carried the mystery of the divine economy.O womb wider than the heavens! O birth pregnant with... Continue Reading →

God becomes man by Proclus of Constantinople

What, then, is the mystery celebrated in yesterday's solemnity? The unexplainable mystery of the divinity and the humanity, a birth that leaves the Mother uncorrupt, an Incarnation that gives a form to the incorporeal Divinity, while it undergoes no passion, an extraordinary birth, a beginning for a generated One who has no beginning. For origin... Continue Reading →

Eve, Hagar, Sarah, Rebekah and others by Proclus of Constantinople

Thanks to her, all women are blessed. It is not possible that woman should remain under her curse; to the contrary, she now has a reason to surpass even the glory of the angels. Eve has been healed; the Egyptian woman [Hagar] has been silenced; Delilah has been buried; Jezebel has fallen into oblivion; even... Continue Reading →

The Virgin brings honour to women by Proclus of Constantinople

What is being commemorated is the boast of the female sex, the glory of women, in her who is both mother and virgin at the same time. What a lovable and wonderful union this is.Proclus of Constantinople, Homily I, I; PG 65, 680 C. Let nature exult and human nature be glad: women are honored!... Continue Reading →

Through Christ’s obedience by Proclus of Constantinople

In being born, Christ made the former entranceway of sin into a portal of salvation. For, in the place where the serpent had injected its venom through disobedience, the Word, entering by his obedience, built a living temple. Whence had emerged Cain, the firstborn of sin, thence without seed sprang Christ, the Redeemer of the... Continue Reading →

Christ with and from the Virgin by Proclus of Constantinople

When he appeared in the Virgin's womb, He clothed himself in condemnation. There occurred the tremendous exchange: He gave the Spirit; He received flesh; He was both with the Virgin and from the Virgin; with the Virgin in overshadowing her; from the Virgin in taking his flesh from her.Proclus of Constantinople, Homily 1, 8; PG... Continue Reading →

Unmarried and became a mother by Proclus of Constantinople

O earth never planted with seed, which made a heavenly fruit spring forth! O Virgin, who opened paradise to Adam! What is more, you yourself are more glorious than paradise! For paradise was the cultivation of God, but you cultivated God himself, according to the flesh.Now let us all dance, not to celebrate the marriage... Continue Reading →

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