Christ and the Theotokos by St. Cyril of Alexandria.

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If they insist on saying, “where the Virgin is called Theotokos in the Scripture?” let them clearly hear the angel proclaiming this piece of good news to the shepherd and saying: “For today to you a Savior is born, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). He does not say, “Who shall be Lord” or “in whom the Lord shall dwell, but “who is Lord? Behold, then, the angel openly preaches the good news that the one born is Lord. And then, he supplies, as it were, a sign to them of the vision of the Lord, “You shall find a baby in swaddling clothes lying in a manger” (Luke 2:12).

Peter also preached the same things as the angel, when he came to Cornelius and said, “He sent the Logos to the sons of Israel proclaiming peace through Jesus Christ; He is Lord of all” (Acts 10:36).
Do you see how the Logos is said to have been sent instead of the saving message of Jesus Christ? And how, when he showed to them who Jesus Christ might be, he said, “He is Lord of all”? Do you see that the baby [is called] Lord both by the angel and by Peter? Undoubtedly, therefore, she, who gave birth to the Lord, is Theotokos.

Cyril of Alexandria,
Against those who are unwilling to confess that the Holy Virgin is Theotokos 25

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Cyril of Alexandria, and Dragas, G.D.(2004). Against those who are unwilling to confess that the Holy Virgin is Theotokos. Rollinsford, Nh: Orthodox Research Institute.

2 Comments on “Christ and the Theotokos by St. Cyril of Alexandria.”

  1. Cyril is alluding to two Christological heresies of his time when he says, “He does not say, “Who shall be Lord” or “in whom the Lord shall dwell, but “who is Lord?” The Adoptionist Christology” is the belief “that God exalted Jesus to be his Son by raising him from the dead”, thereby raising him to “divine status” upon his resurrection. The second one sounds like Nestorianism. Cyril opposed Nestorius who publicly challenged the long-used title Theotokos (‘God-Bearer’) for Mary. He asserted that the Marian title denied Christ’s full humanity, arguing instead that Jesus had two persons (dyoprosopism), the divine Logos and the human Jesus.

    1. Wow, thanks so much. While I knew about the Nestorianism, I never knew that there is a term to express the The adoptionist christology.

      St Cyril was a defender of the Theotokos Indeed.
      Thank you for elabourating. God bless.

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