Christ with no Father and no Mother by John Chrysostom

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“The Son of God has no father and no mother. But how? Yes, he is without a father according to his earthly generation; he is without a mother according to his heavenly generation. For he had neither a father on earth nor a mother in heaven.

Without genealogy. Those who foolishly pry into his nature should pay attention, since some think that the expression “without genealogy” refers to his divine generation. But the heretics do not want even to retain this; they also make this generation the object of their rash speculation. The more moderate among them allow that this word refers to Christ’s heavenly generation, but they also hold that the expression “without genealogy” cannot in any way apply to his earthly generation. Let us demonstrate to them that Paul spoke of two generations, one of earth and the other of heaven (cf. Heb 7:3). Moreover, if the earthly generation fills us with amazement, the divine generation presents us with an even more profound mystery, divines reason Isaiah also says, “Who will recount his generation” (Is 58:8).”

John Chrysostom, The Obscurity of Prophecies 1, 2; PG 56, 166-67

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