Christ’s birth by Gregory of Nyssa

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“Among the myriads of men born of Adam, succeeding him as long as his nature will continue through successive births, only [Jesus] came to light through a new way of being born. Nature did not collaborate at all in bringing that birth about; it was solely at the service of that birth. For this reason [the Song of Songs] says that he who is bright and ruddy (cf. Songs:10) from having dwelled in this life in flesh and blood is the only one, among all the myriads of men, to have been chosen as the fruit of virginal purity.

His conception did not result from the union of two humans; his birth was not polluted in any way; there were no labor pangs; his bridal chamber was that of the power of the Most High, which covered virginity like a cloud; the bridal torch was the splendor of the Holy Spirit; his bed was a personal condition devoid of vices; his nuptials were incorrupt.

He who is born in such conditions is justly considered to have been chosen from among all the myriads of men; this means that he did not exist because of the marriage bed. In fact, his birth alone occurred without labor pains, and he alone began to exist without sexual relations. Indeed, for her who remained incorrupt and who had no knowledge of such relations, the word “birth” does not seem appropriate, because virginity and birth do not go together.”

Gregory of Nyssa ,On the Song of Songs 13; PG 44, 1052 D-ios3 B

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