Flesh from dough of Adam by Basil of Caesarea

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“All this (what the Redeemer accomplished on our behalf) is destroyed by those who say that the Lord came in a heavenly body. If the God-bearing flesh (theophóros sárx) did not have to be taken from the dough of Adam, what need was there for the holy Virgin?”

Basil of Caesarea , Letter 261; PG 32, 969 B-C.

“But what is the workshop (ergasterion) of this economy? The body of a holy Virgin. And what are the [active] principles of this birth? The Holy Spirit and the overshadowing power of the Most High.”

Basil of Caesarea , On the Holy Generation of Christ 3; PG 31, 1464 A.

How do you fit in God’s economy? God’s economy is God’s plan to save the world from Sin. Believing in Jesus is the first step towards this salvation. Next step is working with the Holy Spirit to be what God created you to be. This is what believing in Christ means. Jesus the real man, will guide yoou, bless you, and guard you in this journey.

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