Hope through Mary by Ephrem the Syrian

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“Mary gave birth without having relations with a man. As in the beginning, Eve was born from Adam without a carnal relationship, so it happened for Joseph and Mary, his wife. Eve brought to the world the murdering Cain; Mary brought forth the life-giver. One brought into the world him who spilled the blood of his brother (cf. Gen 4:1-16); the other, him whose blood was poured out for the sake of his brothers; one brought into the world him who fled, trembling because of the curse of the earth; the other brought forth him who, having taken the curse upon himself, nailed it to the Cross (cf. Col 2:14).”

Ephrem the Syrian, Disatessaron 2 , 2 ; SC 121 , 66.

A strong parallel between Mary and Eve and their offspring. Eve brought a murder. Mary’s son died to bring life to those dead. Cain escaped, while Jesus took on him the curse and died so that we may live. Do you behave like “Cain” or like “Jesus”? Would you kill with your words and looks, or would you encourage and bring those enslaved to their habits and thoughts, i.e. dead, back to life?

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