In Love with the Beauty of the Virgin by St. Ephrem the Syrian

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“Only you [Jesus] and your Mother
are more beautiful than everything.
For on you, O Lord, there is no mark;
neither is there any stain in your Mother.”

Ephrem the Syrian, Carmina Nisibena 27, 8; CSCO 219, 76.

“The eye becomes pure
when it is united with the Light of the sun,
and receives strength from its vigour
and clarity from its splendour;
it becomes radiant with its ardour
and adorned with its beauty…
In Mary, as in an eye,
the Light has made a dwelling and purified her spirit,
refined her thoughts sanctified her mind,
and transfigured her virginity.”

Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns on the Church 36, 1-2; CSCO 199, 87-88

“Blessed are you, Bethlehem, who, fortified towns
and fortified cities envied.
Mary, like you, women envied –
and virgin daughter of powerful men.
Blessed is the girl He found worthy to indwell
and also the town He found worthy to inhabit.”

Hymns on Nativity 16, 10; CSCO 187, 76; Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns, trans. Kathleen E. McVey, CWS (New york: Paulist Press, 1989), p.150.

The Christian people struggles to work with Holy Spirit, so that they become a like virgin Mary a dwelling of the Spirit of God, sanctified by His Spirit.

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