Jesus the Real Man by Epiphanius of Salamis

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“[Jesus] is both man and God at once; mysterious for men, he who cannot be contained. As man, however, he is truly born of Mary, having been begotten without manly seed.”

Epiphanius of Salamis, Ancoratus 32; PG 43,76 A-B.

How do Christians relate to this?

For His birth from a virgin, if Jesus Christ was born through marital relations, He would have been like any human; He would not be unique in any way. Thus, he was born of a virgin.

On taking a human body and soul, the uncontainable Word of God took flesh and became containable. Because He is God, He is unlimited and incomprehensible. Our understanding will not be able to capture all his mysterious work. So, He revealed to us enough to remain in communion with Him. Thus, He took flesh and was seen, touched, and heard. So, you, too, can experience, know, feel, and hear Him.

The Egyptian Christians (Copts) dealt with this mystery by including their simple faith in their daily prayers. Here is an example of what they included in their Holy Psalmody (Book of Praises):

“For the Incorporeal was incarnate, and the Word became flesh,
the One without beginning began, the Eternal came under time.
The Incomprehensible has been touched, and the Unseen has been seen,
and the Son of the living God, truly became the Son of Man.”

Coptic Holy Psalmody, Wednesday Theotokia (Praise to the Mother of God), Seventh Part.

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