Pray like Hannah – For the Church XVII

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6 The Lord kills and makes alive; 
He brings down to Hades and raises up. 
7 The Lord makes poor and rich; 
He brings low and lifts up. 
8 He raises the poor from the earth 
And lifts the needy from the dung heap, 
To set them among princely people 
And make them inherit a throne of glory. 
9 The One who gives a prayer to the one praying, 
He blesses with righteous years; 
For by strength no man can prevail. 
10 The Lord makes His adversaries weak; 
The Lord is holy. 
Let not the man of learning boast in his understanding, 
Nor let the man of might boast in his might, 
Nor let the man of riches boast in his riches. 
Only let the one who boasts boast in this: 
To understand and to know the Lord 
And to do justice and righteousness in the midst of the earth. 
The Lord went up into the heaven and thundered. 
The Lord judges the ends of the earth. 
He gives strength to our leaders, 
And He will exalt the horn of His Christ.”

1 Samuel 2 : 6-10

Imagine what could happen if you pray like Hannah; with a humble heart and praising God.

This translation is from The Orthodox Study Bible. You can download the iOS App from App Store. Or you can find it on Amazon in Kindle and Hardcover formats.


Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology, Elk Grove, California. The Orthodox Study Bible. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008.

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