Prayer: For the Church II

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“15 O God of hosts, convert us now;
Look down from heaven and behold,
And visit this vineyard
16 Which Your right hand planted, and perfect it.
And visit the son of man, whom You strengthened for Yourself.
17 It was set on fire and uprooted,
but they shall perish at the rebuke of Your face.
18 Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand,
And upon the son of man, whom You strengthened for Yourself;
19 The we will not turn away from You;
You will give us life, and we will call upon Your name.
20 O Lord God of hosts, convert us and reveal Your face, and we shall be saved.”
Psalm 79 (80)

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This translation is from The Orthodox Study Bible. You can download the iOS App from App Store. Or you can find it on Amazon in Kindle and Hardcover formats.


Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology, Elk Grove, California. The Orthodox Study Bible. Nashville :Thomas Nelson, 2008. P.735

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