Son of God taking flesh by Hippolytus of Rome

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“Being outside of the flesh, the Word of God took upon himself the holy flesh from the holy Virgin: like a bridegroom, He prepared for Himself that garment which He would weave together with His suffering on the Cross… In this way, he intended to obtain salvation for man, who was perishing” 

HippolytusChrist and Antichrist 4; PG 10, 732; GCS 1, 2, 6-7

“Let us believe, blessed brothers, according to the tradition of the apostles, that God the Word came down from heaven and entered into the holy Virgin Mary. Thus, receiving his flesh from her and taking a human (that is, rational) soul and becoming everything that man is, except for sin, he might save fallen man and confer immortality on all men who believe in his name.”    

HippolytusAganist Noetus 17 ; PG 10, 826-27

“Tell me, O blessed Mary, whom did you conceive in your virginal womb? Yes, even the firstborn Word of God, who came down from heaven into you and was formed, the firstborn man, in your womb, so that the firstborn Word of God might appear united with the firstborn man.” 

HippolytusEranistes, Dial. 1: PG 83,88

“The Son is the firstborn of all: firstborn of God, so that it would be clear that He is the Son of God and the second after the Father; firstborn before the angels, so that it would be clear that He is Lord of the angels; firstborn of the Virgin, so that it would be evident that He re-creates in Himself the first-formed Adam; firstborn from the dead, being Himself the firstfruits of our resurrection.” 

HippolytusCommentary on Daniel  4, 11: GCS 1,1, 212-14

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