Nursing who nurtures the world by Amphilochius of Iconium

Amphilochius puts words into elder Simeon's mouth and says: “It is enough, O Virgin, to be called the Mother. It suffices to be the nurse of him who nurtures the world. It is a great thing to have held within your flesh the One who upholds all things.” Amphilochius of Iconium, On the birth of... Continue Reading →

Son of Most High by Gregory of Nyssa

“Along with all those who profess the orthodox faith, I too declare my belief that the same [Jesus] is God and man, but not in the manner in which Apollinaris thinks. For the divinity does not become earthly, nor does the humanity become something heavenly, as he maintains; rather, the power of the Most High,... Continue Reading →

St. Joseph’s doubt, duty and revelation by Basil of Caesarea

“ “Before they came to live together, she was found with child by the working of the Holy Spirit" (Mt 1:18). Joseph found both things: both the conception and its cause, namely, the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, fearing to be called the husband of such a woman, he "wanted to send her away... Continue Reading →

Christ’s true birth from Mary by Basil of Caesarea

“Joseph, speaking with the other prisoners of their own dreams (cf. Gen 40:8), clearly uses the expression: "by means of (diá) God" . instead of the expression: "of (ek) God". Paul, to the contrary, uses the preposition (ek) in the place of (diá), when he says, for example: "Born of (ek) woman" (Gal 4:4), instead... Continue Reading →

Marriage is holy by Basil of Caesarea

“A virgin, who was then given in marriage to a man, was found worthy for the service of [the Incarnation], so that virginity might be honored and marriage not be despised. For virginity was chosen as being apt to sanctification, but with the betrothal, the precepts of marriage were also included.” Basil of Caesarea ,... Continue Reading →

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