The Lord created me by Ambrose of Milan

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“We understand what was written about the Incarnation of the Lord: “The Lord created me” (Prov 8:22) to mean that the Lord Jesus was created from the Virgin to redeem the Father’s works. And truly, one cannot doubt that this was said in reference to the mystery of the Incarnation, when the Lord assumed flesh to free his works from slavery to corruption and to destroy, by the suffering of his body, the one who held the power of death.”

Ambrose of Milan, De fide 3, 46; PL 16, 623-24.

If he was not created, he would not die. If he did not die, he could not give us his body to eat and blood to drink. Then we are not saved and remain corrupted and in sin. Jesus came, so we get reconciled with the Father.

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