Touched by fire by Theodotus of Ancyra.

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If iron, once joined to fire, immediately expels the impurities extraneous to its nature and swiftly acquires a likeness to the powerful fame that heats it, so that it becomes untouchable and capable of setting any material on fire, how much more, in a superior way, did the Virgin burn when the divine fire (the Holy Spirit) rushed in? She was purified from earthly impurities, and from whatever might be against her nature, and was restored to her original beauty, so as to become inaccessible, untouchable, and irreconcilable to carnal things.

Theodotus of Anchyra

Not only the Virgin Mary was touched by His fire but also those baptized in His name. Of course, God wants some different from us. However, it is up to us to allow this fire to work and bring the fruits of the Holy spirit.

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