Unmarried and became a mother by Proclus of Constantinople

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O earth never planted with seed, which made a heavenly fruit spring forth! O Virgin, who opened paradise to Adam! What is more, you yourself are more glorious than paradise! For paradise was the cultivation of God, but you cultivated God himself, according to the flesh.
Now let us all dance, not to celebrate the marriage of the Mother of the Lord, because she is a virgin uninitiated in marriage and without experience of it, but to honor the birth of him who is the Unstained. Though unmarried, she became a mother, without having any experience of a man. But the baby did not remain an orphan.
Then let us admire the Virgin’s womb, a womb wider than creation. For she, without difficulty, enclosed within her him who cannot be contained in anyone. He who holds his Mother, along with everything else, in his hand, was held by her in her womb

Proclus of Constantinople,Homily 4, 1; PG 65, 708 C-709 B.

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