Victory over the enemy by Irenaeus of Lyon

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“The victory over the enemy would not have been rightly won had not his conqueror been born as man from a woman. For it was through a woman that the devil held sway over man from the beginning, when he set himself to be man’s adversary.
Therefore the Lord confesses himself to be the Son of man, restoring in himself that original man from whom is derived that part of creation which is born of woman; that as it was through a man that our race was overcome and went down to death, so through a victorious man we may rise up to life: and as through a man death won the prize of victory over us, so through a man we may win the prize of victory over death. Nor would the Lord have made an end in his own person of that original enmity between man and the serpent . .. had he come from another father.”

Irenaeus of LyonAdversus haereses v. xx. 2 (ad fin.)-xxi.

God the Father used his creation to save the world and sanctify it. The world as we know it is not cursed anymore but blessed by Jesus Christ. He used a woman (Virgin Mary) to bring victory to a man who was defeated by death through a woman (Eve). Every element and person in this world has a role in salvation. God did not create humanity, so death takes it, He created humanity to live eternally. He brought us victory, let’s work with Him to bring His word to everyone around us.

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