Virgin Mary visits her cousin by Ambrose of Milan

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“The divine Scripture tells us how loving she [Virgin Mary] was with her family.
When she knew that God had chosen her, her humility became even
greater, and she hurried into the hills, to see her cousin Elizabeth; not, however, to assure herself of the facts, since she had already believed the announcement: “Blessed are you” -Elizabeth would greet her- “because you believed” (Lk 1:45).
And she remained with her for three months. During this long period of time, she did not look to be confirmed in her faith but to show her charity. And this after the baby in Elizabeth’s womb, who enjoyed grace even before he had nature, had already greeted Mary as Mother of the Lord by leaping up.”

Ambrose of Milan, De virginibus 2, 6-16; PL 16, 220-22

If you are told that you will be the next prime minister in a few days, would you care about a friend who bought a new house and needs your help moving?. It seems that Virgin Mary just did that. She went to Elisabeth, although she was told she would be the Most High’s mother. Moreover, she went through that journey despite being in her first trimester. When my wife was pregnant with our first baby, she received a lot of “advice”; to rest, not to carry stuff, etc. Obviously, Virgin Mary wanted to serve her aged cousin rather than look after herself; what a selfless act of love!. This morning I heard a talk on finding meaning in life. And to do so, one needs to look outside themselves and care for others.

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