What to learn from the Mother of God by Ambrose of Milan

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“Virginity is thus proposed to us, as if in a picture, in Mary’s life. From her life, the beauty of her chastity and her exemplary virtue shine out as from a mirror. Here you may well receive instruction on how to lead a life in which virtue, instructed by example, shows you what you must do, correct, or avoid.
The first impulse to learn is inspired by the nobility of the teacher. Now, who could be nobler than the Mother of God? Who more splendid than she, whom Splendor chose? Who more chaste than She, who gave birth to a body without bodily contact? What should I say, then, about all her other virtues? She was a virgin, not only in body, but in her mind as well, and never mixed the sincerity of her affections with duplicity”

Ambrose of Milan, De virginibus 2, 6-16; PL 16, 220-22

Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, brings a simple yet perfect model for Christians. We can learn many things from her. For example, her virginityviginity can be applied to abstaining from evil thoughts and deeds.

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