Was Jesus Christ a real person? by Cyril of Jerusalem

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“For if the Incarnation were a mere appearance, such would be our redemption as well. In Christ there were two aspects: man, who was visible in him, and God, who remained invisible. He really ate as we do, as man (for he had the passions of the body in common with us); but as God he fed the five thousand with five loaves; he truly died as man, but as God he raised a dead man from a sleep of four days; as man he really slept in the boat, but as God he walked upon the waters.”

Cyril of Jerusalem, Catecheses 4, 9; PG 33, 465 A.

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Gambero, L., 1999. Mary and the Fathers of the Church 1st ed. Translated by Buffer, T., San Francisco: Ignatius Press. p. 132.

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