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Are you struggling to live a good life?. If yes, I invite you to read these deep thoughts on one of the Christian role models. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect human being, and He shares his glory with His beloved out of His love. He gives them the grace, wisdom and authority to struggle and live as He lived. When they struggle, they share His glory, live a meaningful and good life, and then become role models to others. One of the best role models in Christianity is His mother.

You may know the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The early Christians, i.e. Church Fathers, believed that she played a role in God’s plan for the salvation of the world. They called her the Theotokos, meaning “the Mother of God“.
I want to introduce you to what they wrote about her role in short, easy-to-read blog posts. Then it is up to you to interpret these writings and apply them in your life.
You, too, have a role to live a good life and in working with God toward your salvation and those around you. I pray that these quotes help you find your purpose in life. I hope you enjoy these ancient views of the Virgin Mary.
May God use this website for His glory!

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Note: I have no affiliation, or interest, with the authors, publishers, or distributors of the reference books I quoted from on this website.

Blessed Virgin Mary baby born Jesus Christ meaning death
This icon is called in greek Platytéra or Platytera ton ouranon [Πλατυτέρα των Ουρανών]; “More Spacious Than The Heavens”. Poetically, because St. Mary carried the creator of the universe in her womb, she became wider than the heavens.

Latest Posts

The Virgin brings hope to Women by Augustine of Hippo

“Now, human gender is either male or female. And if, in becoming a man, he had not been born of a woman, exactly as it had to happen, women would have lost the hope of being saved, recalling their first sin, when the first man was ensnared by the woman, and they would have believed…

Know and believe by Augustine of Hippo

“We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin named Mary. But what is a virgin, what does it mean to be born, and what is a proper name these things we do not believe; rather, we know them. Whether Mary’s face was just as we imagine it when we speak of…


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  1. True, Mary the mother of Jesus is to be honored, but not to be worshipped. Only God is to be worshipped. Mary doesn’t save, only Jesus saves (Acts 4:12). Religion doesn’t save, only Jesus saves (Romans 10:9-10, John 3:15-16, e.g.).


    1. Hi BJ,
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you spent time writing it.
      It is true indeed; worship is only due to God alone. Of course, Jesus saves. That has been the Christian doctrine for a long time; here is the proof: https://livingtruth.blog/2022/10/12/why-christians-do-not-worship-virgin-mary-by-epiphanius-of-salamis/.

      I believe Christianity is not a religion; it is a lifestyle. A Christian struggles to imitate christ in every moment, in every breath; Jesus said, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Mat 9:23)

      And I want to add to your words; God gave his people the grace to share in His divine nature. So they become light to the world and salt to the earth. Others, whether believers or not, see their works, glorify God, and take them as role models. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Mat 5:16). It is the same as taking one or more role models in life, like a famous/historical figure, sometimes this person is a parent or a relative.

      My mission is that whoever reads the blog encounters Christ. I hope you have met him.

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      1. The Virgin birth wasn’t and isn’t to glorify Mary, but to glorify God. For as we know, not only was the virgin birth fulfillment of prophecy, it exhibits the power of the Holy Spirit, and it was necessary that God was His (Jesus’) Father.


      2. I agree, glory is to God forever. Virgin Mary glorified God in her converstaion with Elizabeth.

        The incarnation was, and will remain, a mystery to the human mind. No matter how much we think or talk about it, no one can fully understand it. For centuries, and until now, christians lived it, taught it and wrote about it, mostl likely they thought about it . It is something that we look at with awe and glorify God for doing that.

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  2. Indeed, Christianity isn’t about religion, it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Yes, I know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. ✝️🕊


    1. It is my pleasure. May God grant you to praise and glorify His name forever. The same as He enabled Moses, The Three Yound Children and Virgin Mary.


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