Christ a real man died and rose from the dead by Tertullian

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“The Son of God was born: I am not ashamed at this, because it is shameful. The Son of God died: and this is believable, because it is absurd. He was buried and rose: this is certain because it is impossible. But how could these statements be true in the case of Christ if He Himself did not truly exist and did not truly have what he needed to be crucified, to die, to be buried, and to rise; namely, a body filled with blood, given structure with bones, woven with nerves, shot through with veins, capable of experiencing birth and death? 
Undoubtedly, then Christ had a human body, because it was born from a human being. And so this flesh is mortal in Christ, because Christ is man and the Son of man.”

TertullianDe carne Christi 5,4-5; PL 2,806

“His body possessed no earthly beauty; even less did it possess heavenly splendour. Even if the prophets among us had not given any report of His ignoble appearance, the very sufferings and insults he endured speak of it. The sufferings attest to the reality of His human flesh; the insults prove its ugliness.”

TertullianDe carne Christi  9,2; PL 2, 817

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